We met the dynamic duo behind Fresh Kids for coffee last weekend but, really, who needs caffeine with these energetic ladies in the room. 

Our very first muse feature and lucky for us, we found 2 for the price of 1! Caroline and Jenny are the genius sister team behind Fresh Kids Inc., selling pre-loved baby, kids and maternity clothing and gear.

These sisters are both moms to young families and have full time careers – Jenny teaches Grade 5 and Resource and Caroline works for a private equity company. So, as if they weren’t busy enough!? Caroline admits with a laugh, “we feel guilty relaxing.”

Last summer, as Caroline and Jenny prepared to launch Fresh Kids, their father passed away. His sudden loss was tragic but they knew his legacy would best be honoured in their determination to move forward with their business. One week after his funeral they launched their first successful popup shop.

Fresh Kids is just 6 months old and already has 50 consigners who are also their best customers. They sell an impressive inventory online through and every 6 weeks they host a popup shop at Caroline’s home. Fresh Kids also provides a bespoke business by curating items for select customers.

Their business grew organically. With 13 kids under the age of 8 in their extended families, ‘hand me downs’ passed seamlessly from one house to another. Caroline and Jenny were already doing business long before the logo was even designed. A consignment business made perfect sense. Fresh Kids “....was a no brainer”, Jenny explains. Children grow so quickly out of clothing and toys and the expense is significant. 

They explain how Fresh Kids aligns with “slow fashion” – an idea that encourages buying clothing for quality and longevity and results in less waste. At the opposite spectrum, “fast or disposable fashion” refers to cheaply manufactured items that are easily worn once and tossed.

"Be eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. Join the recycle movement and keep clothing out of landfills. You may be surprised and dismayed to know that 85% of all clothing ends up in the landfill! Many kids wear their clothes just once, or not at all. That's reason enough to join the rapidly growing second-hand shopping movement." (from

At this point in our coffee date, the passion is just oozing from these ladies. Caroline has brought along some of their latest hot consignment items and as I fondle a pair of little Blundstone boots, Jenny notices and says, “I know, right? We try hard to save everything for our customers!”

And they are committed to their customers, providing a different model than other consignment stores. Appreciating that moms are busy, their consigners simply contact Fresh Kids to schedule a pick up or drop off  (by either Caroline or Jenny). These ladies are on the move! (Did I mention that they also started an outdoor mommy and me bootcamp over the summer?) They both openly admit that they thrive on keeping busy.

With our coffees long since finished, we finally chatted about what it is like to work with your sister. Their dialogue says everything:

Caroline: Jenny is sales focused, a people person, organized, energetic, creative.

Jenny: Caroline is focused, intelligent, generous.

Caroline: (laughing): Bor-ing.

Jenny: She’s a true friend.

At which point, there was some magical sister moment as they looked at each other with a knowing twinkle and time seemed to slow down just a little.

December 01, 2016 — Tatiyanna Porfoun