There are many benefits to second-hand clothes. You can change your childrens’ look and style and boost their self-esteem by looking to second-hand ranges to spruce up their wardrobe. By buying second-hand, you also make yourself much more sustainable and do your bit for the environment.

This article looks at some of the benefits of buying second-hand and the ranges available at Fresh Kids Calgary.

Save money

Buying second-hand clothes undoubtedly saves money. This can mean you can afford new clothes for your little ones more often or increase their wardrobe size. 

Buying second-hand is also a great way of getting your kids into some of the bigger clothing brands that could be out of your budget range if you buy them new. 

As children grow quickly, buying reused clothes is also a sensible way of continuously refreshing their seasonal styles and variety of clothes. 

Be more sustainable

Just because one person has outgrown or fallen out of love with a piece of clothing, it does not mean it has no further use. Building your own sustainable wardrobe starts with buying second-hand to get more mileage from every garment. It also means thinking about what your clothes are made from and whether the materials are eco-friendly and fairtrade. 

In simple terms, every piece of clothing with more than one owner means putting less pressure on the environment. Using second-hand clothing means fewer materials for the clothes and a lower cost on the environment for production. 

Fuel creativity

Unlike new clothes retailers, the range in second-hand stores is never the same at any given moment in time.

Browsing around  pre-loved  stores such as Fresh Kids can unlock a creative flair and sense of individuality that you never knew you had! Presented with such a unique range for your kids, you can release your inner designer! 

It is surprisingly easy to create stylish, fashionable looks from second-hand clothing stores. By visiting a second-hand store with a huge range to choose from, your kids can very quickly become trendsetters!

Save time

Parents are busy people. Another advantage you will find with second-hand shops is that the ranges are sorted by size, not by garment. Shop efficiently - let us do the curating. 

May 03, 2021 — Josh Dominguez