The carefree summer days filled with sticky popsicle faces, late bedtimes and outdoor meals with family and friends has come to an end. Its September. Its Back to school. Its bittersweet. 

 Here are a few Fresh Kids fashion tips to help you make the transition from summer fresh to fall fresh in a flash. (Say that five times fast..) 

1. Add a pop of colour. Pair a colourful legging or hoodie with a basic denim piece. Specifically, the marina blue or green we are seeing all over the runway. 

2. Don't like blue or green? The fall Pantone has been released. We are also seeing grenadine red, autumn maple, ballet slipper pink paired with the fall classic colours;  navy, gray and burgundy, such as these Gap skinny pants in burgundy.

3. Let's  keep it real. Kids aren't always willing to wear what we want. They should be able to have some fun, stylish pieces. Animal prints work for both genders and come in comfy and fun prints.

4. Layers. The start of the school is a mix of temperatures. A layered look is the perfect way to transition into the cooler weather. This classic vest by Zara layer perfectly with these dark wash jeans by H&M and classic Gap white button up.

5. Denim and Plaids. We are seeing lots of plaid and patchwork trending  paired with denim jeans, jackets, skirts and dresses. Plaid should be a staple in your kiddies closet his fall.

6. Dresses, with love the variety of styles and looks that are hitting the runway, from tailed classic made popular by the Royals to bright bold patterns. Transition a summer dress into Fall with a shirt or cardigan, or wear it with sleeves, like this cute Mexx dress.


Making the transition and tricks for back to school success. 

As busy, working moms, and yes two of us being teachers, we know that heading back to school is not always easy. Make the transition a little easier with these tips and tricks. 

Scheduling. It's a total change of pace from summer to school days. We find slowly switching your kids back to a more school-friendly schedule helps come September. Start two weeks out with an earlier bedtime and slightly earlier wake up (I mean, you still want to squeeze every ounce that's left out of the summer sleep in- let's be honest). Get those bedtime routines back in place. Set the tone. 

Hit the books. Get the kids use to sitting and working again. Take ten minutes out of the day to have them sit and do independent work or complete a project together. It'll lessen the battle in a few weeks. 

Lunches. Ugh. Make it fun, and fuss free by having them help out, choose a few favorites from the grocery store, and have them help pack up the night before. Store it all in a personalized lunch bag and backpack, such as this adorable set from Pottery Barn

Don't forget the water bottle! Your little munchkin will be sure to stay hydrated with the S'ip By S'well kids bottle. Stays cold, doesn't spill, music to everyone's ears. 

We hope this post helped inspire some cool back-to-school looks for your kiddos! 

Have an awesome first day back!





January 01, 2018 — Jenny Lippitt
Tags: freshblog